A GGJ Post-Mortem

Just a few weeks ago we hosted a jam site for Global Game Jam, where 30+ people of all skill levels and backgrounds came together to create a dozen games all based around the theme "What Home Means to You". Matt Christensen, one of our participants, wrote a post-mortem about his experience creating the game "Mimi Wants Food!" with his daughter at the event, and we'd like to share it with you. I was happy with what we ultimately produced, though it really ended up being more of a toy than a game. My daughter fixated on the "people insulting each other at family dinner" idea generated in the brainstorming -- but with cats instead of people. This fit the home theme well, as we have four cats! She showed me some insult game a streamer was playing that I think gave her the » read more


This weekend marked the thirteenth(!) official game jam of Buffalo Game Space! A total of nine games were made by local artists, musicians, and developers, and you can check out a good number of them right now! Soundscape An audio-only adventure on the Elemental Plane of Sound. Soundscape is a digital game with no visuals at all - even the menus are interacted with through sound and voice. By moving in various directions in sound, represented by changes in pitch or tone, the player must find their way through a magical realm and find a powerful crystal. An intriguing and unique concept implemented well for the discerning listener. Get it! Salvage the Dvorak A woodpunk escape game. Trapped in the engineering section of a wooden spacecraft with a colorful crew players are tasks with uncovering a way to release the Quazmodium from its enclosure - which is a real physical » read more

Support BGS on #GivingTuesday

Donate to BGS today! Today is #GivingTuesday, an internationally celebrated day of donating to non-profit organizations of your choice for the holidays. At Buffalo Game Space, donations are what help us continue to provide technical mentorship and STEM education opportunities to the community. They allow us to host and run special events for local students, providing them with hands-on experience working on games alongside industry professionals. They provide us with the means to host meetup events where local programmers, artists, musicians, and designers can meet each other and collaborate on new projects. They help us make Buffalo better by providing opportunities to people of all backgrounds in the exciting world of technology and game creation. So this #GivingTuesday, please consider helping us continue our mission of supporting and growing this amazing community by donating to Buffalo Game Space. » read more

BGSjam 12 Recap

From September 7th to the 9th, creators at Buffalo Game Space created 12 games at BGSjam 12, our twelfth official game jam! We reached out to some of the creators to ask them about what they made; read what they had to say and check their games out! ## [Dubstep Daggers](https://qazitv.itch.io/dubstepdaggers) **Qazi:** "For BGS Jam XII I decided to finally take a break from working on my game, and stay in for 48 hours to make a new game! The theme, Music Is Key, was too tempting as I’ve always wanted to explore rhythm games. I was fortunate enough to have multiple senior level devs at the jam who had already been through the process of making rhythm games and solved many of the problems I was facing early on, as well as being surrounded by talented music folks who I could poke for feedback » read more

Free Stuff

When the Bulgarian authorities arrested the Denuvo cracker Voksi, he posted on the CrackWatch subreddit, telling them: "Sadly, I won't be able to do what I did anymore," he said. "I did what I did for you guys and of course because bloated software in our games shouldn't be allowed at all. Maybe someone else can continue my fight." His defense appears to have two aspects – that he never pirated anything, (although he acknowledges he did make a tool that could be used for piracy) and piracy isn’t a real theft anyways. Copy protection debate aside – when is it okay for someone to decide that they should take someone else’s work, alter it and release it into the public as a ‘better’ version? This isn’t a thing we do in other areas of life. It is always a concern when people say the » read more

Announcing the 2018 Fall Workshop Series and Student Sponsorships

BGS Announces 2018 Fall Workshop Series and Student Sponsorships A series of events that will teach students with no prior knowledge the essentials of video game development. Events (9/19) Intro to Game Design - Meetup | Facebook | Tickets (9/26) Intro to Unity, Part 1 - Meetup | Facebook | Tickets (10/3) Intro to Unity, Part 2 - Meetup | Facebook | Tickets (10/10) C# in Unity - Meetup | Facebook | Tickets (10/17) Game Art, Part 1 - Meetup | Facebook | Tickets (10/24) Game Art, Part 2 - Meetup | Facebook | Tickets (11/7) Level Design - Meetup | Facebook | Tickets (11/14) Game Music - Meetup | Facebook | Tickets (11/28) Game Feel - Meetup | Facebook | Tickets (12/5) Game UI - Meetup | Facebook | Tickets BUFFALO, NY, August 6th - Buffalo Game Space is proud to announce their third annual Fall Game Workshop Series. BGS is offering a number of students the opportunity to » read more

Updates from the Annual Meeting

Thanks everyone who came out to the Annual Meeting of the Members Monday night. I hope you all got a complete picture of the organization's activities, current status, and next steps into the future. Chris Langford was duly elected to the Board of Directors open seat and begins a new 3 year term and is acting Vice President for the upcoming year. Also, as we covered, the Board of Directors is wishing a fond farewell to our Secretary Anthony Swinnich. Anthony has been, and is, an integral part of our community and we wish him the best as he takes a repreive from organizational duties. He will continue to run the Music Meetups Monday nights and be around for events. Please join me in thanking him for all he's done for everyone here in town! As per our ByLaws, when an elected member of the Board steps down the Board » read more

Why Bother Telling Stories in Games?

Ian Bogost’s article in The Atlantic puts forth the suggestion that games as a means of interactive storytelling is somehow a waste of time and also selling the medium short. A few quotes from the article to summarize his point: On the whole, there is nothing to fault in What Remains of Edith Finch. It’s a lovely little title with ambitions scaled to match their execution. Few will leave it unsatisfied. And yet, the game is pregnant with an unanswered question: Why does this story need to be told as a video game? Then Later: The true accomplishment of What Remains of Edith Finch is that it invites players to abandon the dream of interactive storytelling at last. Yes, sure, you can tell a story in a game. But what a lot of work that is, when it’s so much easier to watch television, or to read. » read more