Buffalo Game Space

Buffalo Game Space

BGS Admin Meeting

  • What: Administration Meeting
  • When: Tuesday, April 8th at 6pm
  • Where: The Buffalo Game Space
  • Who: Members Only

Agenda: To discuss the NPO status of the Buffalo Game Space and officially decide if BGS will become a Chapter of the IGDA or a Independent Education NPO.

Call to Arms for ALL current members of the Buffalo Game Space. On Tuesday April 8th, we encourage you to join us in discussing the very future of our organization. We will compare the pros and cons of both the Ltd and IGDA routes, and our lawyer, Kyle, will be on hand to help with any legal questions.

Thanks to the efforts of Futch, Chris and Volker, not only is Buffalo Game Space Ltd registered as a Corporation with NY State, but also the Department of Education has approved us to continue our process to file as an Educational NPO. The ground work has been laid. It is now the time to have your opinions heard and decide how the Buffalo Game Space will take shape!

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