Buffalo Game Space

Buffalo Game Space

Arcade Night on May 22nd

Event: BGS Arcade Night
When: Thursday, May 22nd - 6pm

Ever miss the days of stuffing all of your friends into one room and doing nothing but playing games all night until you pass out? So do we!

Join us at the Buffalo Game Space for a relaxing evening of games and good times with friends. We have multiple consoles hooked up throughout the space for you to enjoy, including a Sega, Playstation 2, N64, Gamecube, Dreamcast, and more. If you want to play something specific, feel free to bring your own consoles and games as well. Not in the mood for video games? No problem! Bring your tabletop games to indulge your card collecting, dungeon running urges.

You can stop by “The Grill” to grab some food and drinks, or bring your own snacks to keep you energized for the night ahead.

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