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Buffalo Game Space

Quantum Sliders is Born!

After a long 48 hours at BGSJAM][, our newest creation, Quantum Sliders is here!

GamePlay Explanation
The theme was Parallel Universes. To start, many of us had the ideas to make a game where objects or environments could be switched between by the player. Many ideas used camera tricks like multiple planes(Shinobi), 2D to 3D(Paper Mario), or perspective switching(Fez.) After talking it out, many of the ideas were limited in the ability to show something so different it could be considered another universe. But then, aren't games universes with some parallels? They all have a player, environment, and input amongst other things. Couldn't we keep some things to show consistency between worlds but have the laws of each universe differ so much as to be a completely different experience? From that conceit, Quantum Sliders was born.

The player has a device that can jump him between parallel universes, but it's on the fritz. After 5 seconds, he can trigger it manually(Y) but after 10 seconds it may randomly jump him against his will any time. So in essence, the game plays as three games - a platformer, a twin-stick shooter, and a brawler with certain threads that carry throughout - that you must continually jump between to advance.

The Platformer: The player can run(LS) and jump(A). Gravity is in full effect. The turtle enemies can be jumped on to kill, but all other enemies must be avoided. Bums patrol platforms. Birds will dive bomb if you pass their line of sight.

The Twin-Stick: The player can move(LS), aim(RS), and shoot(RT) in any direction, though not very quickly. This is full on bullet hell and a dangerous place to be. Bullet spewing probes and bots, shotgun robo-turtles, and chansaw robots are out to get you. All can be shot and destroyed.

The Brawler: The player can move(LS) in any direction within the confines of the 'road' he fights on. He can jump(A) punch(X) his way through banana worshipping Orge Aliens and their stupid NanerBots. The Aliens can knock you down with their bat-with-nail-in-it, but (A) can get you back up.

Each Universe has its pros and cons, and some areas cannot be passed in a given world. For example, if you come across a pit that is unjumpable in the Platformer, switch universes and walk right over it in the Brawler, but be careful you don't run out of time in a universe over a gap lest you fall to your death when you jump back to the Platformer. This interplay is at the heart of Quantum Sliders. Most of the objects(bricks, enemies, etc.) exist in every world as a corresponding object in the others. For example, that wall completely block your way in the Brawler? Switch universes and the bricks may become enemies in the Twin-Stick that can be destroyed to allow progress. Birds in the Platformer become Chainsaw Robots in the Twin-Stick and so on.

Want to try it yourself? Here is the link to the Newest Build!