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BGS Spotlight

The Buffalo Game Space has a lot of great members that are doing some truly amazing things. Throughout this spotlight series, we will introduce you to them and showcase all their awesome work.

In this edition of BGS Spotlight, we are proud to showcase a newly released game created by BGS members, Wayne Kubiak and Anthony Swinnich, called Shutshimi!

In this wave based horizontal shoot ‘em up, you play as a cute little fish… well, a cute little fish with beefy arms, a multi purpose blaster, and a 10 second memory. Gameplay starts with 10 seconds of varying enemy waves, ending in everything exploding into confetti. Once your time runs out, its off to choose your powerup for your next encounter.

The powerup selection screen is where things really come together in a tsunami of frantic selection, as each of the powerups are randomized and described in quick mad-libs style paragraphs. Some of the powerups are beneficial, such as guns that give you rapid fire or a mutation that gives you three arms, all of which have weapons. But there are also other powerups that do cruel things like inverting your controls or adding more enemies. This creates the challenge of parsing through the paragraphs to find which selection is best for you, but the real fun is just picking at random and hoping for the best!

In addition to the combat and powerup selection madness, every 5 waves there’s a boss encounter that lasts for 10 seconds before the boss flees. Fortunately though, the boss retains it’s depleted health for when it returns again in 5 more rounds, provided you can last that long.

We asked the development team to share a few words on how Shutshimi came to be and here is what they said.
“In a team of three consisting of Wayne Kubiak (art), Anthony Swinnich (music), and Garrett Varrin (code) we originally created the concept for Shutshimi for Ludum Dare 27 in August of 2013 during an intense 24 hour session trying to make something quick and fun before a party Anthony was throwing that Saturday night. The game was originally meant to be a space shooter but the ship Garrett quickly drew to prototype looked like a fish and in searching for reference photos of fish we discovered a fish with arms, then on things just kinda spiraled out of control! From there we found that the quick frantic levels and silly concepts we put together caused us a lot of joy and ended up being a lot of fun so we decided to push it into a more fleshed out game. The next 8ish months were spent polishing our concepts, making the game more visually appealing, adding more content, and lots of balancing.”

The project has been a great success for the team, but don’t take our word for it, head over to http://shutshimi.com for links to a bunch of reviews and lets plays. Did we mention that Shutshimi can be found on Steam Greenlight and XBOX Live Marketplace… for only $1? Thats right, one cold hard buck!

We at the Buffalo Game Space would like to thank the Shutshimi team for their time and congratulate them on an awesome game! Couldn’t be more excited to see what they come up with next!