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Buffalo Game Space is on Kickstarter!

A message from Buffalo Game Space

BGS is on Kickstarter!

We've had an amazing year here at the Buffalo Game Space. We've started this community, Seen it grow, and seen everyone really pull together to support our mission.

We've launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Buffalo Game Space. Our goal is to raise enough to help us move into a larger space, so that we can continue offering you, the community, a great place to meet and make games.

Our mission has always been to expand the art of game making to more people, by making it easier for anyone to get involved. With this new space, we will start offering game making workshops, classes, and both local and online tutorials to get people started. It's a big thing that drives us to serve you.

But that's not the only reason. We've always envisioned BGS as an open, welcoming place to share ideas and to help with all aspects of making games. Many small developers often struggle with backend services, like legal & accounting, can't afford office space, or more expensive equipment to increase their productivity and workflow.

We want to make these into community resources, shared by all members of BGS. We want to allow YOU to be able to make better games, easier. We want everyone to collaborate, and grow a game development industry here in Buffalo.

For that, we need your help. Please support us... with your support, we can make a difference in the future of game making.

Click here to donate to the Kickstarter!

The Buffalo Game Space Team