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BGSJAM3 - The Result

BGSJAM 3 Games

BGSJAM3 has ended, and some fantastic games have been made! Our theme this time around was "Let's Get Weird!", so check out what weird games got made!


An experimental first person experience created in Unity, Enlightenment was created by PJ Moskal, Ben Lord, David Duncan and Katherine Spitler. Enlightenment is an intense and personal exploration of people, relationships and emotions.
Play the game here!


With graphics by Chris Langford and programming/design by Damon McKernan, Thumbwars is a two-player thumb wrestling simulator! Both players share one controller, with each getting their own joystick. Moving the stick moves your hand around the arena, and clicking the stick clamps your thumb down. Keep your thumb down to gain points, but don't get pinned!
Thumbwars! Forum Thread (Features a link to the game)

Thy Hideous Wake###

Thy Hideous Wake
A 2D platformer developed by John "Futch" Futscher and Mark Zorn, Thy Hideous Wake takes a standard game genre and flips it on it's head. In order to progress through the game, you must collect your enemies and use them to traverse the environment safely.
Build coming soon!

For more info on these games and the latest builds, head over to the forums! And if you're interested in any of the assets from these games, they'll be included in our Kickstarter! Donate now to support more game development and get access to these games' assets!