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Buffalo Game Space

BGSJAM 4 - Day 1

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Last night marked the first night of BGSJAM 4, the fourth official game jam of Buffalo Game Space. As attendees rolled in and filled up on pizza we announced the theme, "Things Are Not What They Seem", and began brainstorming concepts.

Over the next hour, several ideas were brought up, discussed, fleshed out, and whittled down to their best bits. Eventually four concepts were settled on:

  • Three-way mayhem - a genre blending 3D title
  • A game based on color blindness and perception
  • A 3d arena game
  • A 2d single-screen multiplayer arcade game

From there, loose teams began to form, rough designs started to appear, and early prototypes came into being.

Today, on day 2, these games (and possibly more?) will continue to develop into playable titles! Be sure to follow BGS on social media as the day progresses to stay up-to-date on the games as the jam goes on!