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BGSJAM4 - Day 3

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Yesterday marked the final day of BGSJAM4. At the end, the result of everyone's hard work resulted in five very different games all based on the theme "Things Are Not What They Seem".

Not One More Day

A four-player platforming shoot-em-up where your "bullets" heal, and the player must take enough damage from the environment (spikes, lava, falling damage) to die to win the round.

Triple Threat

A combination of a pinball game, a top-down racing game, and a rolling ball game - all of which contain a secret that will unlock the hidden ending.


A multiplayer first-person shooter where your weapons heal your opponents, and you must die to win the round.

I Can't F&@!' See Colors*

A top-down shooter starring a man with a keytar who can no longer see colors. His keytar fires colored blocks with associated notes that will indicate what colors the walls and doors of his environment are.

Things Are Not What They Seem At The Children's Moonbase Hospital

A 2D platformer where the player remotely controls a nursebot on the Children's Moonbase Hospital. You must sedate the panicking doctors and nurses to protect the children, but things are not what they seem. Play it now on Itch.io!

All games created during BGSJAM 4 will soon be available for download so you can enjoy them yourself! Be sure to follow us on Twitter/Facebook/Google+ for the latest info on the games and all future BGS events and announcements!