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BGS Workshop: Intro To Making Chiptunes


Intro To Making Chiptunes

BGS Workshop - Intro To Making Chiptunes

Instructor: Anthony Swinnich

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Level: Beginner

When: Tuesday, July 14 at 7 PM (1 session - 2 hours)


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Payments will be taken at the door, and can be made with cash or credit card.

Location: Buffalo Game Space, Tri-Main Center, 2495 Main Street, Suite #454, Buffalo, NY 14214

Workshop description:

Famitracker is a freeware program used to create authentic 8-bit Nintendo music and sound. In this workshop you will learn the basic techniques needed to operate the program and create music and sound effects.


About the instructor:

Presenter Anthony Swinnich creates chiptunes under the moniker Any Yes and is one of three designers at Buffalo-based Neon Deity Games, makers of Shutshimi and Meowgical Tower.