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RECAP: Intro to Unity Course 7/28

Don Boody

Killer time at Tri-Main Tuesday night, as instructor Mark Zorn introduced a roomsworth of budding gamedevs to the popular Unity game engine. It wasn’t the first time Buffalo Game Space has offered a beginner’s course focused on the industry-standard development tool this summer, and certainly won’t be the last.

In the span of two hours, participants learned from hands-on exposure to development with Unity by creating a 2D sidescrolling space shooter.


Yeah. With bullets and enemies and everything. And the enemies even explode when you shoot them. Check out the project files and play it here, it’s insane.

Equally as cool but much more important, each young padawan left with a working knowledge of Unity basics -- game objects and their components, game loops, primitives, classes, functions -- every single one of the important programmer words required to start making games.


Unity is an award-winning engine that can be used to develop games for desktops, consoles, and mobile devices, so familiarity with how it works is a critical tool for the up-and-coming gamedev.

But The Space is serious about this stuff, and Mark Zorn is a 20-year veteran developer + university-level computer science instructor -- so those who attended Tuesday’s class got a much deeper, more official look at game-building DNA than your average n00b on the street. We’re talking about enough knowledge to go home, fire up Unity, and make a new game starring your cat who blasts lasers at massive cat foods as it goes cruising through space.

This Friday night, BGS will open its doors once again for the bi-weekly free Arcade Night, featuring both AAA and locally-developed indie games. Looking for the perfect night to come break the ice by crushing us all in Windjammers and then totally start hanging out with us on the reg? No better time.

Don Boody is a Buffalo-based game developer and member of Buffalo Game Space. Be sure to check out his games on itch.io and follow him on Twitter.