Buffalo Game Space

Buffalo Game Space

RECAP: Gamedev Meetup 8/6/15

Don Boody

Gamedev Meetup night at The Space was the usual showcase of local talent, project updates, and playtesting that it is every other week, Thursday night, because at Buffalo Game Space, we make games. And when you make games, you make games all the time.

Kicking off the night were BGS President John Futscher and Greg Giles, showing off a Rebel Squadron-inspired Unity 3D project that actually began as an Oculus Rift demo Futch put together a little while back.

It’s seeing a new life now, as Greg’s been creating these models in Blender that make the whole thing feel like you’re cruising through a neon-80’s vibe-tunnel. Greg loves Blender. He even popped it open live on the spot to demonstrate how he was able to create the game’s entire track by manipulating a single bezier curve, while simultaneously knocking out crowd questions left and right.

Next, Colby Breidenstein busted out the 4P local party game he’s been working on in Unity -- a collection of 1-3 minute mini-games delivered a la Mario Party or Fusion Frenzy format. Spacegoers immediately began to get wild on the seven completed mini-games Colby’s already developed for the game.

It’s a sci-fi-themed project that’s a lot of fun so far, and Colby’s looking to take it to the next level by recruiting a small team. He’s a professional developer with years of experience and has recently seen a measure of success in the zombie sport market with Unholy Hockey. So if you’re into mini-games and you think you’ve got the requisite skillset, stop by The Space and ask about how you can get involved.

Or, stop by the Buffalo Museum of Science Saturday August 22nd where BGS will be demonstrating Colby’s game and a bunch of other local gamedev for the Museum’s MAKE Your Summer! series. We’ll be in the Mastadon room.

Jesse Przybyl was in the house as well, sharing his latest animation project on the big screen. This time he worked as a team member on a promotional video for MineAthon, the charity craft-fest organized to raise awareness of cyber-bullying because there are still a ton of terrible people who like to treat other people like garbage on the internet.

You can watch it here. Jesse said all of the animation was put together over the course of just three weeks, and was created using Toon Boom and Adobe Premiere. The video is collection of several individual parts that each pay homage to one of the MineAthon server mini-games.

Wrapping up the night with perhaps the most inspiring story of the evening was Ryan Mallette, who told the tale of his soon-to-be-ending experience with the 100 Days Project. Ryan’s been making music every day for the last ninety-three days straight in programs anywhere from FL Studio to Reason to Logic to Famitracker, and even mixed in some straight-up regular instruments too.

He explained some of the benefits of deliberately adhering to such a schedule -- namely a more mature understanding of the self-editing process and a tighter grip on creative efficiency -- but, more importantly, his jams went on to explain what it means to feel alive. You can check some of them out at his SoundCloud page.

Every other week, WNY’s baddest programmers, artists, modelers, musicians, and designers spend a few hours at Buffalo Game Space sharing their work with one another and getting better at what they do in a place where little bags of chips are always on blast and Monster energy drinks are stacked ceiling-high. It’s seriously paradise here. You should come.