Buffalo Game Space

Buffalo Game Space

RECAP: Gamedev Meetup 8/20/15

Don Boody

Thursday night was another great meet-up at Buffalo Game Space. Here’s a look at some of the work WNY game developers shared with us this time.

Canisius college students Audrey and Jared took us for a spin through their alpha build of Nut Warz for mobile devices. It’s a serious game designed to raise awareness of testicular cancer. A Corona-built version of Nut Warz has already been released for browsers, but Jared and Audrey’s team are rebuilding it from scratch in Unity with all new animations, story mode enhancements, and mechanic upgrades. They had it running smoothly on a variety of Android devices that night, which were passed around for hands-on playtesting.

Next up, the zany duo of Anthony Swinnich and Wayne Kubiak set us up with a demonstration of Bruis'n Cruisers, a game they created in participation for GBJam 3. GBJam 3 was a GameBoy-themed online game jam that required all submitted games conform to the original GameBoy’s resolution (160px x 144px) and color (4 max) restrictions. Internet personality Frosted Fricks tested the game live. Wayne and Anthony explained that the current build of the Bump ‘n’ Jump clone is unfinished, and future builds will offer enemy cars, more dangerous obstacles, and more sweet chiptune tracks.

Don Boody showed GRAVITY WRONG, a 2-4P local multiplayer gunfight built using Scirra’s Construct 2 and available for download now. An impromptu tournament followed.

Colby Breidenstein and Joe Wilson spoke to us about Outcast Rising, the reverse-JRPG opus being designed, built, and tested in Western New York by 100% local talent. Joe’s been working on this baby for a long time and, in addition to some interesting new concept art, shared with us a full battle concept he and his team have recently created. They’re pushing toward pre-alpha right now, and progress has been steady. The nice thing about coming to the BGS meet-ups consistently is that you get to watch projects grow, and Outcast Rising is a game we’ve all had the pleasure of seeing come together since Joe introduced the idea earlier this year.

Capping off the night was Chuck Leone and his top-down space-shooter Target Earth. Chuck’s been prototyping game projects in Javascript, Canvas, HTML5, and more for years, and said that this isn’t the first he’s tried to create Target Earth. He said the new build he’s creating runs much more smoothly and economically than the original, in part due to the way he’s approaching sprites and animations this time around. Chuck also shared a few free audio tools with the group, Caustic 3 and BFxer -- so take a moment to check those out if you’re looking for a free and reliable audio solution for your games.

On Thursday, August 27th, Buffalo Game Space will be hosting a project night from 7pm til pretty much whenever, and it’s going to be 100% free. So bring your rig down to Tri-Main center and hang out with us while you work on whatever it is you’re working on. Or start a team. Or join one. The power is yours.