Buffalo Game Space

Buffalo Game Space

RECAP: BGS Game Dev Meeting 9/3/15

If hanging out in a room full of talented and creative individuals gets your mojo moving, then Thursday nights at Buffalo Game Space are going to be HUGE for you. Let’s take a look at some of the projects and ideas shared at the last BGS Game Dev Meeting.

Greg opened the night by demonstrating the fish simulation he prepared for the recent Shutshimi release party. By adding Kinect functionality to existing code, he projected the illusion of tiny fish swimming away from anybody who walked close enough to spook them. It was a hit at the party.

Next, he busted out a microcontroller project that he’s been working on. Greg explained that microcontrollers are basically low powered computers often used for physical computing and used in things like vending machines and TVs. The one he’s been working with uses an Arduino micro to run a simulation of Conway’s Game of Life on a little LCD screen. It even sits inside a case that Greg 3D printed right at The Space.

It was a big night for hardware, as the next up was recent Philadelphia transplant John showcasing the Sega Naomi arcade system board he’s restoring. This is a classic piece of gaming hardware, so attendees that night got pretty wild for a few minutes talking about how sweet it used to be to hang out at arcades and play racing games inside of giant plastic cars. He had a lot of great information to share about the board’s history and use, and we’re all looking forward to seeing more from him. Welcome to Buffalo, John!

Tim Schrock took the stage podium next, and explained that for the last two years he’s done pretty much nothing but listen to the music from Batman on NES and painstakingly transcribed each and every note to paper before recreating every track on his own. Everybody was like, “Wat?!” We’re talking about an entire 3-inch binder packed full of sheet music, here, and it’s all BATMAN songs. The level of and focus and determination required to maintain and carry out a project like that for such an extended period of time as a one-person team should not be under-estimated. Very cool stuff, always great to see something in its final form.

Don Boody shared a commercial/promotional game he’s building for Nite Time with Harvey O’King, a puppet-based web series produced in Buffalo. It’s being created in Construct 2 and should be complete by mid-month.

Shutshimi devs Anthony and Wayne closed out the night by talking about their recent experience at PAX, as well as a wealth of interesting and educational information about releasing on Steam, PS4, working with a publisher, and a lot of really really awesome stuff that I’m not going to tell you about because this is the kind of stuff that you really ought to be there to hear. Live, in-the-moment information from cool people working in the biz who couldn’t be happier to answer your questions is pretty much all that happens at BGS and there really is no substitute for that.

We’re doing this every week, people. Join us and get involved!