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BGSjam5 Approaches!

We're hosting our fifth annual Western New York local-only game jam at the Space! From November 20th at 7pm to November 22nd at 7pm, we'll be hard at work making games based around a theme that you'll help us pick!

Theme Submission

Theme submission for BGSjam5 has ended. Vote now on submissions to help us pick the theme of the jam! We're taking any and all theme ideas until midnight on Wednesday, November 4th the end of Project Night on November 5th, so get your theme ideas in today! You can submit as many as you like, the more the merrier.


Registration isn't required, but all the cool kids are doing it anyway. It's a totally free event, just RSVP on:

What do I need to bring?

Since the Space is just that (a space), you should bring your gear with you. Whatever your setup may be, from a workstation to audio equipment to a camera to a notepad, we have more than enough room for you to get comfortably set up for the weekend so you can make some awesome stuff. And since the Space locks up tight, you can leave your equipment confidently safe and sound while you're at home resting up between days.

Can I still come if I've never made a game?

Absolutely! Game jams are incredibly educational experiences. If you've never made a game of any sort before, it's the best opportunity you can get to actually make one from scratch. No matter your skill level, by the end of 48 hours you'll know much more about making games than you did at the start, AND you'll have a playable product at the end of it.

I don't want to make a video game

That's cool too! Board games, card games, folk games, and any other games you can think of are still games, and game jams are all about making games of any sort. So if you want to make something that is as far removed from video games as possible you can!

What about XYZ?

Have more questions? Feel free to ask on the Meetup, Facebook, or Google+ event pages, or message us via Twitter. We'll be happy to answer any and all questions about BGSjam5 and game jams in general.