Buffalo Game Space

Buffalo Game Space

BGSjam6 - April 22-24th

"The Wild West" Game Pack is Available Now!

BGSjam6 is approaching!

It's the sixth official game jam at Buffalo Game Space! From 7pm on Friday, April 22nd, to 7pm on Sunday, April 24th, artists, musicians and programmers will be creating on games based on a theme picked by the community.

To help us pick the theme, pick your favorite three from this list of ten possible themes. Whichever gets the most favorites by midnight on Thursday, April 21st, will become the theme of BGSjam6!

If you make art, write music, code, or just want to make something awesome with a great community, RSVP and come to the Space and make a game in just a weekend!

And if you want to see what we've made at past jams, check out our jam game bundles from BGSjam4 and BGSjam5 on our itch.io page!