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Game Dev Meeting 2/1/18 Recap

  • Chris Langford

Miss out on last night's Game Dev Meeting? We've got the recap for you right here!

Yousef Jaber presented the work he put into Whale Escape, his first game and submission to Global Game Jam. The player must escape the innards of a whale, using only sound as their method of navigation.

Tyson Prince brought new music to the evening with a track for the upcoming twin-stick shooter Hovership Havoc developed by
Colby Breidenstein under his company Snow Day Software. You can hear the music in the just-released launch trailer for the game. Hovership Havoc is slated for a 2018 release.

Greg Giles showed off his team's submission to Global Game Jam, Starfleet's Finest. Succeed (or fail miserably) as a transporter operator, bringing aboard your crewmates in one piece. Whether or not they come back the way they left is up to you.

Dale Stoyer showed off his GGJ submission Epic Quest of Prophetic Destiny, a text adventure played by committee. Players are able to join the game via a mobile app Dale developed that lets them vote on the next action of the dwarf projected on the main screen, determining his (prophetic) destiny.

Gabe Kelly also demoed his first game created for GGJ, a 2D book-em-up titled The Last Place of Knowledge. The player has to transmit the books they collect out from their country, but the more books they carry the slower they move and more likely they are to get caught by the enemies.

John Futscher showed off his submission to GGJ, a Spaceballs-themed pizza delivery sim titled Space Tracks. Pilots navigate an asteroid field with a flying Winnebago with a manual transmission, attempting to deliver pizzas to space stations before time runs out.

The final presentation of the evening came from local visionary TJ Cordes, showing off his progress on two projects. The first was his GGJ submission Abandonded Portal Factory, a 2D platformer which featured art from nearly every BGS GGJ attendee. He followed this with the latest on his upcoming competitive morse code cheerleading game Go Morse Go!, demoing some of the new secrets and cheats in the game. Go Morse Go! is slated for a 2018 release.

Want to see what else is getting made in and around WNY? Come to our next Game Dev Meeting (Facebook | Meetup) on Thursday, February 15th at 7pm (doors @ 6:30pm) to find out!