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Buffalo Game Space

Game Dev Meeting Recap 3/1/18

  • Chris Langford

Couldn't make it to last night's Game Dev Meeting? Check the recap here to see (most of) what you missed! Phil Lowery brought the latest update to his in-development RPG to last night's meetup. His latest feature? A built-in level editor, complete with tile brushes for environments, enemies, and, of course, treasure. To show what can be accomplished in just a month, Doug May and [Greg Giles](https://twitter.com/JGregoryGiles) showed off Nepal, their entry into February's [One Game A Month](http://www.onegameamonth.com/) challenge. This 3D bullet hell shooter features impressive visual effects, lightning fast gameplay and an excellent soundtrack by local musician and BGS regular [Chuck Leone](https://twitter.com/ChuckLeone). [TJ 'Kyatt7' Cordes](https://twitter.com/kyatt7) briefly took the stage to let everyone know that Go Morse Go! Arcade Edition is now available for purchase on both [Steam](http://store.steampowered.com/app/797570/Go_Morse_Go_Arcade_Edition/) and [itch.io](https://kyatt7.itch.io/go-morse-go-arcade-edition). Get it before Monday to save 10%! Mark Miller brought a number of cards with him to show for his in-development trading card game Alakazam! Points of discussion included the general rules and card layouts, playtesting, and where he hopes to go next with the project. [Chris Langford](https://twitter.com/helloCLD) brought his mech game [Carbon](https://hellocld.itch.io/carbon) to the screen to talk a bit about how he's implemented the in-game weapons and how it's structured to allow for rapid prototyping and playtesting. Doug May came back up to discuss the incomplete prototyping he did for an earlier iteration of the shooter he worked on with Greg. This particular bit of code was for a custom dedicated client/server architecture for providing the game with online multiplayer support.

There was one final presentation made at the meetup, the contents of which are now shrouded in secrecy (e.g. the devs can't share details with the public yet). If you want to catch more cool stuff like this, you'll have to stop by in two weeks for our next general meetup. Hope to see you there!

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