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Buffalo Game Space

Updates from the Annual Meeting

Thanks everyone who came out to the Annual Meeting of the Members Monday night. I hope you all got a complete picture of the organization's activities, current status, and next steps into the future.

Chris Langford was duly elected to the Board of Directors open seat and begins a new 3 year term and is acting Vice President for the upcoming year.

Also, as we covered, the Board of Directors is wishing a fond farewell to our Secretary Anthony Swinnich. Anthony has been, and is, an integral part of our community and we wish him the best as he takes a repreive from organizational duties. He will continue to run the Music Meetups Monday nights and be around for events. Please join me in thanking him for all he's done for everyone here in town!

As per our ByLaws, when an elected member of the Board steps down the Board may appoint an active member to the position for the duration of the vacated term(2 years in this case). The Board has nominated Arsenio Colón to occupy the seat and he will be assuming the Secretary position. Congratulations Arsenio!

Furthermore, with Arsenio moving up and a member moving away we have nominated TJ Cordes and Maxx Langford for the Advisory Board and they have accepted. Thanks in advance to TJ and Maxx for all they they will bring to BGS!

As you've seen, we truly live and die by our members. Everyone's support means the world to BGS and the community we all impact everyday. We can't thank you enough and we look forward to continuing our mission of growing WNY as a game development hub, growing STEAM skills in the area, and making amazing cool things!