Buffalo Game Space Grand Opening!

We will be throwing our Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday March 28, 2015 at 7pm. Thats right! After months of hard work, we have finally opened our doors at the Tri-Main Center, and now it's time to party. Our Grand Opening will be free admittance, open to the public ages 18+, and will have some cool things going on, including... - Food and drinks - Playable Game Stations - 50/50 split tickets - Basket Raffle (All donated by local business and friends) - Prize Drawings We will also have a live performance from local chiptune artist, "Danimal Cannon" (as seen below) We want this event to be one giant "thank you" for our members, friends, and supporters. Without you all, we would be homeless. So please come, have fun, and enjoy YOUR new space! Want to Donate a basket or prize to the event? Please » read more

Global Game Jam 2015 Wrap Up

The Global Game Jam 2015 is officially over but, as always, it was an amazing time. We had enough participants to break off into three separate teams all working on their own game based on the theme "What do we do now?". As open ended as it sounds, during the planning stages, a lot of people were having the same type of ideas, which was interesting. In the end we had a game that told the story of what happens right after you, a super hero, had just beaten your nemesis. Another game in which you go into an interview and get asked the most outrageous question you would ever get. Then the third was a top-down multiplayer game where crazy characters fought over the last known pizza in the galaxy. We would like to thank Canisius College for letting us set up shop in their Science Hall » read more