A GGJ Post-Mortem

Just a few weeks ago we hosted a jam site for Global Game Jam, where 30+ people of all skill levels and backgrounds came together to create a dozen games all based around the theme "What Home Means to You". Matt Christensen, one of our participants, wrote a post-mortem about his experience creating the game "Mimi Wants Food!" with his daughter at the event, and we'd like to share it with you. I was happy with what we ultimately produced, though it really ended up being more of a toy than a game. My daughter fixated on the "people insulting each other at family dinner" idea generated in the brainstorming -- but with cats instead of people. This fit the home theme well, as we have four cats! She showed me some insult game a streamer was playing that I think gave her the » read more


This weekend marked the thirteenth(!) official game jam of Buffalo Game Space! A total of nine games were made by local artists, musicians, and developers, and you can check out a good number of them right now! Soundscape An audio-only adventure on the Elemental Plane of Sound. Soundscape is a digital game with no visuals at all - even the menus are interacted with through sound and voice. By moving in various directions in sound, represented by changes in pitch or tone, the player must find their way through a magical realm and find a powerful crystal. An intriguing and unique concept implemented well for the discerning listener. Get it! Salvage the Dvorak A woodpunk escape game. Trapped in the engineering section of a wooden spacecraft with a colorful crew players are tasks with uncovering a way to release the Quazmodium from its enclosure - which is a real physical » read more

Support BGS on #GivingTuesday

Donate to BGS today! Today is #GivingTuesday, an internationally celebrated day of donating to non-profit organizations of your choice for the holidays. At Buffalo Game Space, donations are what help us continue to provide technical mentorship and STEM education opportunities to the community. They allow us to host and run special events for local students, providing them with hands-on experience working on games alongside industry professionals. They provide us with the means to host meetup events where local programmers, artists, musicians, and designers can meet each other and collaborate on new projects. They help us make Buffalo better by providing opportunities to people of all backgrounds in the exciting world of technology and game creation. So this #GivingTuesday, please consider helping us continue our mission of supporting and growing this amazing community by donating to Buffalo Game Space. » read more

Summer Sale Deals on WNY-Made Games!

Summer is known for a lot of things. Stuff like warm weather, barbecue, and crazy deals on video games. There's no weather on the BGS blog, and we're still working out our barbecue arrangements, so that leaves summer sales. A number of excellent games made by members and friends of BGS are available for purchase online through various storefronts hosting summer sales, so what better time for you to check out the ones you haven't! Shutshimi - Seriously Swole Get it on Steam! Our favorite beefy armed shotgun-wielding goldfish just got a permanent price drop! Pick up this 2D bullet hell and save the sea from villainous cats in submarines, scuba bears, and surfing butts. Fist's Elimination Tower Get it on Steam! | Get it on itch.io! The most fun you'll ever have getting punched in the face! Leap to the top of a 150-story obstacle course filled with enemies » read more

Make something awesome at BGSjam 11!

#The ELEVENTH official game jam of Buffalo Game Space | May 18th - 20th ##[Register now at itch.io!](https://itch.io/jam/bgsjam-11) ##RSVP: [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/events/163876387616420/) | [Meetup](https://www.meetup.com/Buffalo-Game-Space/events/250304880/) Buffalo Game Space is proud to be hosting their ELEVENTH official local [game jam](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_jam) from May 18th to the 20th! Join newcomers and industry pros alike as we all work to create games over the course of the weekend, all based on one unifying theme (to be announced at the start of the event on Friday). So if you're a programmer, an artist, a musician, a designer, or just someone who wants to get a crash course in making games, come to BGSjam 11 and create something amazing with us! BGSjam 11 is free to attend, but we strongly recommend attendees bring $20 each » read more

Announcing BGX 2018

Tickets available now at BigCartel! Buffalo Game Space is proud to announce Buffalo Game Expo (BGX) 2018, our third official showcase of locally made games, will be happening on June 9th! Come to BGS to meet and play games made by members of our incredible community of designers, programmers, artists, and musicians. We'll have more details on what games are going to be there soon, so stay tuned to learn more about the games and makers we'll be featuring! Submissions for BGX have closed, but tickets are still available! Hit the link above, below, or right here to grab yours today! Each ticket gets you in the door and provides you with two free drink tickets and two free raffle tickets! Do you have a project you want to show at BGX? Awesome! We're accepting game submissions until May 26th - all you have to do is fill out our » read more

Official BGS Hoodies Available Now!

Order now: Unisex Special Blend | Heavyweight Rock the Buffalo Game Space brand in style with a new BGS hoodie! They're available in a two styles, each in a variety of colors. We're taking orders for a limited time right now, so act fast and place your orders today! How do I order my size? When checking out, be sure to indicate which size you want your hoodie in. If you're ordering more than one, just let us know which size you want with each color. For example, if you want a Black hoodie in Medium and a Royal XL, just write "Black - Med, Royal - XL" in the "Notes" section. When will I get my hoodie? As soon as we finish taking orders we'll be sending off the list for print. Since they're all being made to order, it might be a couple weeks. We'll » read more

Game Dev Meeting Recap 3/1/18

Couldn't make it to last night's Game Dev Meeting? Check the recap here to see (most of) what you missed! Phil Lowery brought the latest update to his in-development RPG to last night's meetup. His latest feature? A built-in level editor, complete with tile brushes for environments, enemies, and, of course, treasure. To show what can be accomplished in just a month, Doug May and [Greg Giles](https://twitter.com/JGregoryGiles) showed off Nepal, their entry into February's [One Game A Month](http://www.onegameamonth.com/) challenge. This 3D bullet hell shooter features impressive visual effects, lightning fast gameplay and an excellent soundtrack by local musician and BGS regular [Chuck Leone](https://twitter.com/ChuckLeone). [TJ 'Kyatt7' Cordes](https://twitter.com/kyatt7) briefly took the stage to let everyone know that Go Morse Go! Arcade Edition is now available for purchase on both [Steam](http://store.steampowered.com/app/797570/ » read more