BGSJam 11 Recap

This past weekend a crowd of creative folks got together and made 9 games in 48 hours at Buffalo Game space. BGS Jam 11, the eleventh local only Buffalo based game jam was attended by veteran and aspiring game developers with the challenge of making a game fit the secret theme chosen by the community by Sunday night. Always an amazing learning experience whether you've never made a game before or if it's your 100th project, BGSJam 11 created some new and interesting ideas while minting some new game developers in the process. The theme selected by community vote was "KAIJU". A surprise as always. If you didn't know what a Kaiju is, think Godzilla, Mothra, Ultraman etc. For a little more to go on than just that, Buffalo Game Space also accepted community submitted suggestions for diversifiers which were then selected down to 11. They are: UPC-A » read more

Space Pizza - The Last Pizza in Space

The Last Pizza in Space (aka Space Pizza) Windows Build v1.1 Created in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2015 Theme: What Do We Do Now? Credits: Programming: Damon McKernan Mark Zorn John Futscher Audio: Dan Sciolino Art: Anthony Pismarov Everyone who participated in the Global Game Jam this year knows that the theme was crazy open-ended. "What Do We Do Now?" doesn't give really any direction. Even that being the case, true to form, a lot of interesting ideas were born from that wide open question. On our team, we came up with the concept of a four player virtual board game where every turn is everyone's turn. Setting: Four crew members trapped on ship in space on a trip to Mars battle over the last pizza any of » read more

by Futch

Open Data for Serious Games Contest

For use in the Serious Games Contest the city has made data and photos avaialble for use by contestants in the creation of their new game: Data: Data.docx History: of Buffalo History.docx Photos » read more

by Futch