A GGJ Post-Mortem

Just a few weeks ago we hosted a jam site for Global Game Jam, where 30+ people of all skill levels and backgrounds came together to create a dozen games all based around the theme "What Home Means to You". Matt Christensen, one of our participants, wrote a post-mortem about his experience creating the game "Mimi Wants Food!" with his daughter at the event, and we'd like to share it with you. I was happy with what we ultimately produced, though it really ended up being more of a toy than a game. My daughter fixated on the "people insulting each other at family dinner" idea generated in the brainstorming -- but with cats instead of people. This fit the home theme well, as we have four cats! She showed me some insult game a streamer was playing that I think gave her the » read more

How to BGSjam Like a Pro

If you've never participated in a game jam before, it can be a bit daunting. We at BGS wanted to try to make it a little easier for beginners (and pros!), so we put together this handy introductory doc to jamming at a BGSjam. Read along here, or grab the latest version via Google Docs. Advice for BGSJammers 1) Don’t Be a Hero - Use a Game Engine! It is called a game jam for a reason. If you want to build your own game engine – go ahead, just make sure you have finished it before the BGSJam starts, so you can spend those precious 48 hours making a playable game. Don’t waste your programming kung fu on writing a game engine during the jam, use it to make a game! (Unless you are making a networked multiplayer game in Visual Basic on a dare. Even then reconsider. » read more