Game Dev Meeting Recap 3/1/18

Couldn't make it to last night's Game Dev Meeting? Check the recap here to see (most of) what you missed! Phil Lowery brought the latest update to his in-development RPG to last night's meetup. His latest feature? A built-in level editor, complete with tile brushes for environments, enemies, and, of course, treasure. To show what can be accomplished in just a month, Doug May and [Greg Giles]( showed off Nepal, their entry into February's [One Game A Month]( challenge. This 3D bullet hell shooter features impressive visual effects, lightning fast gameplay and an excellent soundtrack by local musician and BGS regular [Chuck Leone]( [TJ 'Kyatt7' Cordes]( briefly took the stage to let everyone know that Go Morse Go! Arcade Edition is now available for purchase on both [Steam]( » read more

Game Dev Meeting 2/1/18 Recap

Miss out on last night's Game Dev Meeting? We've got the recap for you right here! Yousef Jaber presented the work he put into [*Whale Escape*](, his first game and submission to Global Game Jam. The player must escape the innards of a whale, using only sound as their method of navigation. Tyson Prince brought new music to the evening with a track for the upcoming twin-stick shooter [*Hovership Havoc*]( developed by Colby Breidenstein under his company [Snow Day Software]( You can hear the music in the just-released launch trailer for the game. *Hovership Havoc* is slated for a 2018 release. [Greg Giles]( showed off his team's submission to Global Game Jam, [*Starfleet's Finest*]( Succeed (or fail miserably) as a transporter operator, bringing aboard your crewmates » read more

RECAP: Game Dev Meeting 9/17

Game Dev Meeting night at BGS was live this past Thursday. Here’s a look at all the cool stuff WNY developers are working on. [Greg Giles]( and [Futch]( gave us an update on their spaceship tunnel game for the [Oculus Rift](, now known as “Wedge.” They’ve been putting a lot of time into it, tweaking controls and updating graphics to make it the best VR experience they can. There’s a new plane that wasn’t there before and the controls have been updated to improve handling and gravity. Plus [Jake Christopher]( is making some extremely choice tunes to accompany the ride. The next hurdle to overcome in this project is the procedural tube generation script that Greg is working on so that each play-through is different. But Greg is the » read more

RECAP: BGS Game Dev Meeting 9/3/15

If hanging out in a room full of talented and creative individuals gets your mojo moving, then Thursday nights at Buffalo Game Space are going to be HUGE for you. Let’s take a look at some of the projects and ideas shared at the last BGS Game Dev Meeting. Greg opened the night by demonstrating the fish simulation he prepared for the recent Shutshimi release party. By adding Kinect functionality to existing code, he projected the illusion of tiny fish swimming away from anybody who walked close enough to spook them. It was a hit at the party. Next, he busted out a microcontroller project that he’s been working on. Greg explained that microcontrollers are basically low powered computers often used for physical computing and used in things like vending machines and TVs. The one he’s been working with uses an Arduino micro to run a simulation » read more