A GGJ Post-Mortem

Just a few weeks ago we hosted a jam site for Global Game Jam, where 30+ people of all skill levels and backgrounds came together to create a dozen games all based around the theme "What Home Means to You". Matt Christensen, one of our participants, wrote a post-mortem about his experience creating the game "Mimi Wants Food!" with his daughter at the event, and we'd like to share it with you. I was happy with what we ultimately produced, though it really ended up being more of a toy than a game. My daughter fixated on the "people insulting each other at family dinner" idea generated in the brainstorming -- but with cats instead of people. This fit the home theme well, as we have four cats! She showed me some insult game a streamer was playing that I think gave her the » read more

RECAP: Global Game Jam 2018

BGS once again hosted a jam site for Global Game Jam this past weekend, and attendees made 12 games based on the theme "Transmission" - check them out and play them today! Abandoned Portal Factory "You and your twin brother are exploring an abandoned portal factory, but your he is much further ahead than you. Gotta catch up, but be careful - these portals look dangerous, and you have no idea where they'll take you, or what they might do to you. Avoid them at all costs... or try to go through all of them - this is your adventure through the abandoned portal factory, experience it however you want! The game is played with a single button, which you hold to aim your jump, and release to jump in that direction (for more control mid-air, you can press the button again to double jump, which gives you » read more

Global Game Jam 2018 @ BGS

Register now at https://globalgamejam.org/2018/jam-sites/buffalo-game-space RSVP on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/161905511223129/ Buffalo Game Space is proud to once again host an official jam site for Global Game Jam, the largest event of it's kind in the world! Take part in this incredible event and make something awesome with us and the rest of the planet. Global Game Jam 2018 begins on Friday, January 26th, at 5pm and runs through the weekend until Sunday, January 28th, at 5pm. Anyone and everyone interested in making their own games is welcome, no matter what their skillset or prior experience may be. Unfamiliar with Global Game Jam? Check out their about page to learn more about this annual event - https://globalgamejam.org/about Never participated in a game jam before? Take a look at this mini-guide put together by local dev/artist Chris Langford (me) - » read more