RECAP: Game Dev Meeting 9/17

Game Dev Meeting night at BGS was live this past Thursday. Here’s a look at all the cool stuff WNY developers are working on. [Greg Giles]( and [Futch]( gave us an update on their spaceship tunnel game for the [Oculus Rift](, now known as “Wedge.” They’ve been putting a lot of time into it, tweaking controls and updating graphics to make it the best VR experience they can. There’s a new plane that wasn’t there before and the controls have been updated to improve handling and gravity. Plus [Jake Christopher]( is making some extremely choice tunes to accompany the ride. The next hurdle to overcome in this project is the procedural tube generation script that Greg is working on so that each play-through is different. But Greg is the » read more


Buffalo Game Space was a mad house September 4th, as WNY-area gamedevs, supporters, and family members flooded room 454 to honor and celebrate the release of Shütshimi on Steam, PS4, and PS Vita. BGS members/hometown heroes Anthony Swinnich, Garret Varrin, and Wayne Kubiak created the music, code, and art for the game (respectively), so the vibe was on. There were like fifteen pounds of Swedish Fish in the house and a massive pizza that I should have taken a photo of. Toward the end of the night, Buffalo Game Space President John Futscher awarded developers Anthony, Wayne, and Garrett with custom 3-D printed trophies and certificates of recognition to formally commemorate their achievement. It was an extremely touching moment and everybody in the room felt warm at once. Rare cathartic moments 2k15! BGS once again congratulates Neon Deity for the successful release of Shütshimi on Steam, PS4, and PS » read more