BGS Workshop: Intro to Video Game Design

BGS Workshop:Intro to Video Game Design Instructor: Joe "the Wigit" Wilson RSVP on Meetup Level: Beginner When: Tuesday, May 19 at 7 PM (1 session - 2 hours) Cost: $40 for non-members $24 for Basic members $20 for Coworking members $10 for Dedicated members Payments will be taken at the door, and can be made with cash or credit card. Location: Buffalo Game Space, Tri-Main Center, 2495 Main Street, Suite #454, Buffalo, NY 14214 Workshop description: Video Game Design is a highly specialized professional field. In this workshop we will go over the very basics of the video game industry as a whole, how to research for what you are designing, intro to writing design documents, basic concept sketching and more. This workshop will give you the foundation of what the process of game design is and how professionals in the field approach it. Requirements: A genuine » read more